Farm - history and present

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A little bit of history. Farm was built  in 1874. In 1947 a farm purchased by Mr. Ladislav Bohac, a farmer originally from Stara Boleslav. That here, along with his family, by trading on 45 hectares of arable land, bred cattle, pigs, horses, poultry, pigeons, and about 50 bee colonies. In 1952 the farm with the advent of violent collectivization and nationalization without compensation of the owners evicted the boundary of the district. This fact is tragic toll on the entire family.

Photos from the year 1952 (author Mr. L. Bohac). At this time there already "by trading" state farm.


After forty long years it was finally possible to build on the family farming tradition. In 1992, the son of Mr. Boháč, also Ladislav Bohac (Junior), applied for the restitution of the restoration economy. Given the condition of the estate located (see photo) had to have a family with a good dose of courage and faith to be able to radically change your life, move to the farm, and also manage to start reconstructing everything that was needed. All buildings, residential and economic, were in very critical condition. Residential building unfit for habitation, all objects without plaster and largely without roofs, overgrown surroundings and the rest of the community serving as a public dump. Conversion to a decent place to live and businesses took a long time and still continues. Mr. Bohac in its business mainly focused on crop production (cereals, oilseeds and root crops) to grow vegetables and small pig. When in 2000 with the arrival of Mr. Petr Cihlář (now  son-in-law of Mr. Boháč) farm rediscovering bees. At first only three bee colonies we have expanded to the current 730 bee colonies (in 2011).



The situation at the time of returning of the farm in 1992.


One of the reasons why we decided to breed colonies large quantities of the need for restructuring of the farm. The farm was mainly focused on crop production and on 45 ha of arable land, which in itself is not much to uživení and for the future, not business perspective. Therefore, we retained lands, which also manages and so we started to build a beekeeping operation.
We put great emphasis on the quality of manufactured products. Therefore, one of the first investment was the construction of a new veterinary approved medárny bottlers and honey, which has assigned a registration number GB-15529th This operation is under constant veterinary supervision and meets EU standards.
We prefer the single production of quality honey that we get from fruit trees, rape, acacia, mustard, lime and sunflower. To be able to get the honeys, wandering the colonies as a jumble of up to 30 kilometers from the farm. Colonies have placed on nine nomadic habitats of which are transported in accordance with the wintering grounds.

Our advantage is the self-sufficiency in the production of hives, frames and other needs for beekeeping. Joinery is engaged mainly in the winter months, when our rest and collect bees for next season.



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